The power of the memes strikes again, this time in Mexico. "La voz de Michoacàn" in fact, he published an article in which he informed his readers about the upcoming releases of the Nintendo home related to the Pokémon franchise. However, the journalist has fallen victim to the most powerful Internet trap ever: the meme. The image published in the attached article shows, together with the correct versions of Pokémon Spada and Pokémon Shield, also a third version, that is Pokémon Gun. The message is from the user cin_ceja on Twitter, in the post you find below:

The image is obviously a joking fan art but with a very convincing design, to the point that it managed to deceive even the journalist, guilty of not having carried out the necessary research before writing the article. Probably the fault, in addition to misinformation, is attributable to the color of the fan art, which is very well associated with the new starter Grookey, as well as the other two could be mistakenly associated with Scorbunny and Sobble. The experience will certainly serve as a lesson to the journalist and further confirms the immense power of memes.

Recall that Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokémon (but not Pokémon Gun) will come out on Nintendo Switch towards the end of 2019.