After the abandonment of Sebastian Stępień, who has renounced the role of Creative Director di cyberpunk 2077 a few months ago, the next title of the CD Projekt RED he found a new one Design Director.

The new person who will hold this position, without a doubt, is Konrad Tomaszkiewicz.

Tomaszkiewicz he is a veteran within the CD Projekt. He is currently vice president of the division game development and worked on each chapter of the series The Witcher. He held the role of senior designer in The Witcher, of gameplay and quest designer in The Witcher 2 and game director in The Witcher 3.

A change of direction that certainly gives hope (given the precedents of Tomaszkiewicz), although it may be quite suspect given the time when it happened. The replacement of an important figure such as the creative director in the full course of work could presage a further extension of the development time of Cyberpunk 2077.