Le smart homes, ready to help us in meeting our every need, we still seem pure science fiction. Despite the fact that in the last decades technology has taken giant steps, exceeding all expectations and distant dreams of previous generations, still few of us have upgraded their homes.

Yet it seems perfectly sensible to do so: we look for the best and most advanced technology for our phones, our PCs and our cars, so we should want the same quality level for our homes. My first step in this direction was to surround myself with robots that could clean, simplify my life and come to my laziness. But you can do much better: the place that hosts us daily can actually meet our needs more than we think and, most likely, will not try to kill us as in the theme episode of the Simpson.

It is not just a question of enriching the home of high-tech objects, but of being able to make them interact with each other, making communication and use simple. In fact, it is precisely the fear that such systems are
too complex to curb many of us, but a true Smart Home is really easy to understand and use. It's coming IoTIM, a new TIM app designed to deal with this coordination, based on the principle
dell 'Internet of things. Each object can become "intelligent" and level up, being able to communicate with us and with other colleagues at home. Thus, for example, we can connect a system of
lighting Philips Hue and adjust the light in every room from our smartphone to get a nice scenic effect. Or you can decide to control the temperature at will with a thermostat Nest
Learning Thermostat, which is able to learn our preferences for the various rooms and our schedules, making us find the warmth to return from work. Salutists, on the other hand, can connect to the system Bluetooth scale HS5 or BP5 pressure gauge, to keep the physical form under control and perhaps that of the older family members. There are also excellent systems to protect home integrated into the app, such as TIM Security, which includes, among other things, a Wifi camera, sensors for movement and opening of doors and windows. For those who live alone is an interesting opportunity to implement security without resorting to obsolete or expensive tools.

From gamer, however, let's face it, what we care about most is something else: systems that improve the entertainment and the potential of our gaming machines or multimedia. And there are, do not doubt. The Decoder TIM Box allows for example to manage, even from TV, all smart home devices together, simplifying life is not a little. If you want to make your home live up to your technological passion, the time is ripe. We no longer talk about complicated and impractical systems, but rather a set of intelligent objects and design, coordinated with each other and usable simply by smartphones with IoTIM: we can feel at home like on a spaceship.