A 100 days from the exit of Fallout 76, Bethesda has decided to share its programs regarding the evolution of its latest, to say the least controversial, title.

The developer seems to want to overturn the fate of Falout 76 by offering free adjustments and content for the whole 2019.

Here the official announcement, taken directly from the Bethesda site:

There is nothing more exciting as the beginning of something new, for you and for us. Knowing that you are in the millions on our side in this new adventure is an immense encouragement for our study. Thank you for staying with us as we continue to better understand this online experience together. And "together" is just the right word!

Thanks to your constant feedback, we have managed to fix many of the main problems and have made many improvements to the game. We also make several changes to the behind-the-scenes game that are not visible behind the scenes. We've enhanced the performance, unveiled the tricks, and found ways to make the gaming experience more enjoyable for everyone. There is still much to do but we are pleased to inform you that server and gaming stability is now better than 300% compared to the first days. We are thrilled to see how much you spend on the game, with an average time of 4 hours a day.

We know however that the game had a complicated publication, and we made some mistakes along the way. We share your frustration when it happens. Happen again. In those cases, we will work as fast as possible to run for cover. We are absolutely determined to ensure that this game does its best and, above all, that it becomes a platform for endless future adventures in the world of Fallout.

That's why we're excited to announce some of the free Fallout 76 content we're working on for 2019.

Thanks again for staying with us. It is a privilege to have such passionate and determined fans. We have great plans for the 2019 and we want to continue to receive your feedback on everything we do. We hope you will continue to share your thoughts on forums, on Reddit, in videos and on streaming. It is your voice that drives us to do more and more, and your support is everything to us. We will do everything to deserve it.

A legendary beast, a lost generation of scouts and the most powerful drink in this part of the Contaminated Zone: we present Wild Appalachia, a series of new missions, features, events, systems of creation and much more starting from 12 March and following in following weeks. Wild Appalachia includes:

  • New missions: Terror 100%! - Discover the "cryptic" secrets of Appalachia in a new series of missions and encounters that join the monster to myth.
  • New missions: Always more efficient! - Reach the most remote depths of the woods with new stories of legendary pioneer scouts. Get merit badges, climb the ranks and earn a very useful and customizable new backpack.
  • New features: Legendary trade and recycling! - Find the mysterious Collector to exchange and recycle the legendary items you do not need and get new ones. For each star of classification of a legendary recycled object, increase the chances of obtaining the legendary weapon or armor of your dreams.
  • New features: CAMP decorations, player distributors and new camera - Use the objects in your store to decorate the CAMP, build distributors to put the goods on sale and take wonderful snapshots thanks to the new camera. The distributors do all the work: you just have to count the caps!
  • New Features: Mixing and Distilling - Discover the secrets of the legendary Nuka-Shine, the forbidden alcohol, and organize parties at home by distilling your favorite new drinks in the CAMP
  • New seasonal event: Fasnacht Parade - Greet Mr Winter and celebrate the arrival of spring with the ancient Fasnacht festival! Join the fashion show and complete this limited-time event to get unique rewards such as the Fasnacht masks.
  • New Game Mode: Survival - This mode raises the stakes of the PVP experience with more restrictions, improved rewards, new challenges and all the contents of the original Adventure mode!

The summer will bring another series of big changes to Fallout 76, including Nuclear Winter, a new way of playing that changes the rules of the Contaminated Zone.

  • New game mode: Nuclear Winter - A new way to play Fallout 76, which overturns the rules of the Contaminated Zone.
  • New raids in the Vault: 96 and 94 vaults - For the most experienced players, the new high-level group raids in the Vault represent a major challenge.
  • New Feature: Legendary Players - A new prestige system that allows 50 level players and beyond to become Legendary and reset their characters with even more powerful new abilities.

Deal with a history of choices and consequences in Wastelanders, our biggest and most ambitious update. Wastelanders includes a new main mission, new factions, new events, new features and many surprises.

Will Bethesda succeed in raising the fate of Fallout 76 and regaining the trust of the many disappointed and indignant users?