La console war feeds discussions on discussions for years, on the forums before, on social networks today. Yet it seems that this concept of "waging war" has remained only in consumers, as we have repeatedly seen the representatives of the various companies praising the work of others.

As already happened recently, Shawn Layden di Sony he praised Nintendo e Microsoft, pointing out how both have done a great job, those in the technology field who joining handset and home game:

Reggie, Phil and I work very well together. What I hope is that the idea of ​​competing platforms will be overcome, which console "has won" an event or which platform has conquered the E3, thinking more about what each brings good in the videogame market.

I think Nintendo is doing wonderful things with Switch. He almost eliminated the line between home and laptop gaming. Even Xbox has pushed so much on technology and quality. What they have done recently with the Adaptive Controller is a wonderful thing about innovation.

As an industry we all look forward. I will first stop using phrases as a "competitive platform" because I think we are all supporting and leading a revolution in the gaming industry.

Just rivalry, console war and competition: according to Shawn Layden we must all aim towards a single goal, that is to improve the videogame market by offering innovation and technology.