epic Games interrupted the advertisements of Fortnite su YouTube after it emerged a report that indicated that the ads of various companies were also playing within videos used by online predators to exploit minors. The move comes after reporting a "soft pedophile circle" on YouTube that came to light earlier this week by Matt Watson, who also posted a long message about Reddit.

The Youtube algorithm that recommends video is facilitating the ability of pedophiles to connect with each other, to exchange information and to connect to real child pornography in the comments. I can also access it from a Youtube vanilla account, never used before, through harmless videos in less than 10 minutes, sometimes less than five clicks. I made a video of YouTube twenty [minutes] showing the process and where there is video evidence that these were monetized by major brands such as McDonald's and Disney.

Fortnite does not appear in the report, but Epic seems to be moving proactively to avoid any involvement. Here is what was said by a representative of Epic a The Verge:

"We have suspended all advertising. Through our advertising agency, we have contacted Google / YouTube to determine what actions they will take to eliminate this type of content from their service.

There is nothing explicitly illegal in the clips shared by Watson but the real disgust lies in the comments section, to sexualize and exploit children. A YouTube representative said that some videos have been removed and "violent comments" have been disabled.

Any content, including comments, that endangers minors is aberrant and we have clear policies that prohibit this on YouTube. There is still much to be done and we continue to work to improve and detect abuse more quickly.