The future of gaming will probably be different from today, with the cloud that will make it more and more master virtual reality which, albeit slowly, has already begun to make itself known. Sony has long been exploring the way and Shawn Layden's words have confirmed the company's interest in this technology, while on the Microsoft side everything is silent.

Although Microsoft is developing a high technology with HoloLens, when we talk about VR and videogames Microsoft seems to be pulled out of the speech and to confirm what it would be Pablo Lafora, game designer of Tessera Studios, software house of the highest order in terms of virtual reality games.

According to his passwordsIn fact, Microsoft never mentions VR when it comes to Scarlett, which suggests that it is not really interested in this technology in videogame:

Despite asking several times, Microsoft has never given me information about VR. There are only a few rumors about HoloLens 2, but it seems they do not have much interest in virtual reality. So it seems that Microsoft has no intention of introducing VR functionality into their next console, and this could be risky.

Perhaps the next Xbox will be compatible with HoloLens 2, but in any case we do not think that HoloLens could be a focus for the new Microsoft console.

These words do not officially prove that Microsoft is not interested in virtual reality, but certainly makes it clear how much the Redmond company will not focus on this technology with the new one Xbox Scarlett.