RealApexLeaks, a dataminer's account on Twitter with news and daily leaks about Apex Legends, seems to have found something juicy. A recent "excavation" would bring out the names of two new legends, as well as their in-game skills and sounds.

Octane, this is the name of the first legend, it should have to do with speed cure or boost. One of the related audio files refers to the sound of a stimpak, use precisely for care or boost to the stats. With Lifeline already present, it is probable (and likely) that this is the second hypothesis.
Some believe instead that the stimpak in question can speed up the loading of Ultimate, although with the already present Accellerant would be a little strange.

Wattson, this is the second legend, it should be a kind of mad scientist who (as that "Watt" suggests) has to deal with the use of electricity. Also thanks to the audio files it was discovered that a "Tesla Trap" is actually present in the game, without understanding, however, whether it is a tool or a skill of another type. The effect may not be about causing harm, since the Caustic toxic trap is already present.

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