Since when Kingdom Hearts III Has arrived, finally, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are many to want the game Square Enix on Nintendo Switch, with who excludes a priori the thing because in fact and who instead continues to hope, relying on any technical miracles.

La response seems to have arrived, although obviously not officially. Imran Khan, senior editor of Game Informer, has indeed stated that according to some of his sources Kingdom Hearts III will never arrive on the Japanese hybrid console, with the remastered instead more than feasible. Nintendo would in fact in the past dealt with Square Enix to bring the series on Switch, but coming to the conclusion that the third chapter is impossible, despite the excellent scalability of the Unreal Engine 4.

Kingdom Hearts

Different discourse for the collection of the old chapters, which would remain in the negotiation on which Nintendo and Square Enix are concentrating on bringing Kingdom Hearts to Nintendo Switch as soon as possible.

Just rumors, nothing official, but if that is true, Sora & Co. fans will have to start forget about a possible Kingdom Hearts III on Switch, continuing to dream of the possible arrival of the remastered.