EVO Japan is one of the most important competitive fighting tournaments of the year. During the event the developers take advantage of the opportunity to promote games and outgoing content, addressing a loyal audience to the genre. Also Dead Or Alive 6 he received a space in which to advertise himself, and he exploited it fully respecting his provocative style, creating some controversy.

During a section of gameplay, it was shown the use of the free camera, which allows you to stop the fight in order to admire the wrestlers from different angles. The player deliberately stopped the image during a wrestling move that from the right angle could call to a sexual act, dwelling a lot on it. The promotion continued with the two presenters who began to hop while the camera zoomed in on them, recalling one of the most famous features of the Ninja Team brawler: the physics of the wrestlers' breasts. Shortly after the stream was interrupted, then resumed at the end of the game presentation.

The director of EVO then released a Twitter (then deleted) in which he stated that the presentation did not reflect the values ​​of the event, seeing them forced to temporarily stop the stream to protect the integrity of the event and apologizing to the fans.



The event has provoked several controversies: some agree with the choice, others have accused the organizers of censorship, considering that there seem to be problems instead of showing liters of blood flowing in rivers during the events of Mortal Kombat. We'll see if Koei Tecmo, distributor of the game and sponsor of the event, will take action considering the treatment reserved for their product.