Today, on ResetEra, it has been noted that Yosuke Hashimoto, Director of Bayonetta 2 and presumed director also of Bayonetta 3, had deleted all the mentions related to Platinum Games from his profile Twitter. Later in the day, Hashimoto confirmed that he left the study.

Hashimoto was also director of Star Fox Zero and was in the software house since its foundation in the 2007. He also worked as a producer for the original Bayonetta. Seen as the successor of Hideki Kamiya, vice president of Platinum Games, Hashimoto was one of the studio's most trusted developers. Without announced projects, it was assumed that Hashimoto was also working on the third chapter of Bayonetta. It's hard to say whether this is true or not, since neither PlatinumGames nor Nintendo have ever announced the game's director.

Nintendo's only comment on Bayonetta 3 was contained in the latest Direct, which simply announced that the developers were working and that everything was going well.