A gift for everyone on the occasion of Valentine's Day: epic Games so he decided to offer the Battle Pass of the Fortnite 8 Season for free to all those who complete certain time missions.

An appreciable gesture, which will allow Epic Games players to save their V-Bucks simply by completing thirteen specific missions within the 27 February. When it comes to saving players it can only be good, but it is really curious this gesture that, as far as the earnings from Fortnite are not a problem for Epic Games, will lead the software house to lose many potential revenue.

That this is linked to the great success of the battle royale Apex Legends? For some time now Fortnite is no longer in first place on Twitch transmissions, with a drastic drop in viewers in favor of the free-to-play game of Respawn Entertainment which succeeded in what seemed impossible until a few weeks ago.

Epic Games and his Fortnite can no longer rest on their laurels, the battle royale for some time now sees the winner Apex Legends.