THQ Nordic has demonstrated a insatiable appetite in the 2018, throwing himself into a lunveil series of acquisitions. These often concerned IP and long-abandoned brands, such as Kingdoms of Alamur, but THQ Nordic did not limit itself to this, and acquisitions proceed also in the 2019. In fact, last month, the giant had bought the rights of the game Outcast, and now another deal has been secured: the acquisition of Warhorse Studios, the devs of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Warhorse's medieval RPG was released exactly one year ago, and since then he has sold over dand millions of copies on various platforms (to read what we think of the game, take a look here). As part of the acquisition, THQ Nordic also secured i intellectual property rights of Warhorse, which will be starting today a subsidiary of Koch Media, the group that will publish Metro Exodus.