New details on the combat system of The Outer Worlds have been shared through a video published by Game Informer.

Il lead designer Charles Staples and co-director Tim Cain show some pieces of gameplay and talk about the design of a combat system RPG that is satisfactory (inspired by Fallout: New Vegas).

The video details, in particular, the tactical combat options offered to the player within The Outer Worlds. One of them is the TTD (Tactical Time Dilation) that, similarly to the VATS of Fallout, will allow you to slow down time both to study the situations better and to settle targeted shots.

Another tool made available will then be the system companion that will be emphasized within the title through aspecialization, the Leader. It will go to join the other 3 classic roles, generically defined as Combat, Stealth and Dialogue.

A leading character will have to change teammates based on situations and will be able to take advantage of their special abilities. Having spent points in this specialization will, however, be less effective in direct combat.