The one of Watch_Dogs it is a series that, for better or for worse, has made people talk about themselves. The first chapter, all in all enjoyable, disappointed for the high expectations that were created around it; with Watch_Dogs 2 Ubisoft has instead completely changed the background, with a less mature story that has left the players perplexed.

Yet the company has always spoken of IP as a series that would continue to churn out chapters and, perhaps, the third chapter will come right on PlayStation 5 e Xbox Scarlett.

In the picture you can see the registered trademark of Watch_Dogs 3: the request was accepted at the beginning of December and was integrated just before Christmas. There are no real references to the new consoles, but the fact that the trademark has been registered "detached" from the other two suggests that it may actually be a title for next gen, maybe just as a launch title.

At the moment only hypotheses, but we know for sure that Watch_Dogs 3 it exists and, sooner or later, we will return to hack cities and technological gadgets.