The 2019 of Nintendo it's a bit 'an unknown quantity: in addition to the already announced Yoshi's Crafted World (the only one really sure with a release date), Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing and Pokémon, we do not know what else Switch will offer us.

After the news of Metroid Prime 4 probably Nintendo wants to go there with feet of lead, avoiding to announce much earlier titles whose development is still in its early stages. This could be the reason why there would be others eleven titles not yet announced for release this year, at least according to what was reported by Emily Rogers.

The famous insider has in fact published a kind of "Ranking" of probability, in which various information and hypotheses are reported:

I "more likely", With 70% or more of possibilities being announced:

  1. Mystery game #1
  2. Mystery game #2
  3. Mystery game #3
  4. Mystery game #4
  5. eShop game #1
  6. Mystery Wii U port #1 (2013 game)
  7. eShop game #2
  8. New Labo Kit

I "perhaps", With the 50% or less chance of being announced:

  1. Retro Studios secret game (if it has not been canceled)
  2. Metroid Prime Trilogy (if the leaked information is true)
  3. Mystery Wii U port #2

No title, of course, even if the Wii U port of a 2013 game could refer to one of them Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD e The Wonderful 101, with the latter that has appeared several times in different rumors.

Nintendo so he would have other cartridges to shoot, we'll see if and when the Kyoto house will shed light on the 2019 line-up Nintendo Switch.