For some time there has been talk of an eventuality new version of Nintendo Switch, but these days and last hours the voices are becoming more and more insistent. To confirm the thing is the financial magazine Nikkei, Stating that during the 2019 we will see a new version of the Japanese hybrid console.

In this regard, perhaps we can no longer call it hybrid: this new version in fact would point to one lowering the price and less valuable materials, in addition to only portability. In this way you would have a real successor to the 3DS, now in its final cycle of life, going to conquer that slice of the public still not convinced or interested in the purchase of Nintendo Switch.

According to Nikkei, Nintendo would have already contacted the various retailers to prepare them for the commercialization of this new version of Switch in the coming months, even if obviously there is no official information about it. No Nintendo Switch Pro therefore, but only an exclusively portable version: will it really be like this? We will probably know more in the coming months.