Ah, but it is not Lercio. According to what reported by Dualshockers, Gamestop Germany has introduced a decidedly curious promotion. Anyone who purchases a joystick (strictly used) for the PS4 will receive a copy of Fallout 76 as a gift. The news would not even be so resounding, if only Fallout 76 had not gone out 3 months ago. Everything comes from a post on Reddit, where a user has published a photo of a Gamestop flyer containing the promotion just described:


The tragedies for Fallout 76 never seem to end. To the terrifying bugs at the launch, to the buggy Collector's Edition, to the discovery of the developer's room (etc ...), from today we add the sale (the gift) of the title with a joystick used. Making two calculations, Fallout 76 and a Joystick cost half of Fallout 76 at launch. What to say: a hug to all those who took it at the D1. We are close to you ...