Subnautica it expands, passing from the seabed to the arctic cold. It does so with an expansion, appropriately called Below Zero, that will be one standalone: it will not therefore require the basic game to work, making it more similar to one sequel that to a real expansion. Starting today, Below Zero It is available on Steam in early access, and to celebrate, the UnknownWorlds devs have unveiled the first trailer expansion.

Below Zero, which the dev define a "new chapter" in history, takes place a year later the events of Subnautica, in a glacial region of the planet 4546B, previously unexplored. Specifically, the setting is one alien research station, and the player will have to explore its surroundings, above and below the surface, surviving various dangers - first of all, of course, the alien fauna. The latter is definitely the protagonist in the trailer, that you can see below.

Beyond Zero is currently available on Steam e on the Epic Store, where it will remain in early access for about a year, according to UnknownWorlds estimates.