Little Lupins grow, both for the action done and for the ingenuity of the whole. A French boy succeeded, with a simple but ingenious stratagem, ad buy an 4 PlayStation for only 9 euros simply by changing the barcode of the box.

How? The 19enne took the brand new console and he weighed it on a scale used to measure the weight of vegetables, thus creating a label with the value of 9 euro. Once he arrived at the automatic pay machines, he paid the lavish sum and took home his new PlayStation 4. Avarice and justice, however, have wanted the boy has put on sale that same console to 100 euro to then have a sure how much profit, then return the next day in the same supermarket and repeat the same operation.

This time, however, things went differently: once we weighed an additional console and applied the new label, went to the automatic cash machines he was stopped by some clerks that they had noticed the thing, thus giving it to the police.

The young Frenchman was therefore condemned by the local police a four months with conditional, losing the right of eligibility for a total of five years: avarice therefore, in the end, it cost him dear.