La next gen it's coming, it's already known. Many market analysts even venture out for this year, while more cautious hope for a presentation in the 2019 with sale next year.

In any case PlayStation 5 e Xbox Scarlett they exist and are already at work: a survey carried out by GDC on 4000 developers he highlighted that many of them are already at work on the next consoles:

  • The 16% of developers are working on a console already on the market or not yet presented
  • The 2% of them are working on a console that is not yet presented

Obviously the biggest numbers we find them on the current generation, with the 56% of the interviewees who published the last game on PC, the 33% on smartphone, the 24% on PlayStation 4, the 20% on Xbox One and the 9% on Nintendo Switch.

In the future we will definitely see further great games on the current consoles, but we must begin to think that the development, slowly, will move more and more on the next gen.