There is an unofficial board game dedicated to 5 person. Allows fast games, lasting about 30 minutes. It is also quite well climbed; You can play alone or in a cooperative with a friend, and you use a few decks of cards and tokens.

Do not expect miniatures or huge boards to play on, because this is a job done by the fans that you can print and play at home. What is incredible is the incredible use of video game design, faithfully reproduced in every detail.

Rather than trying to replicate the entire video game, the board game focuses on the assault on a single palazzo, giving players a month to defeat one of the bosses between Kamoshida, Okumura and Madarame.

You can choose a Phantom Thief and as in every person you have to think about what you do as each turn represents a day of the month and you can only do one thing. Players can recruit confident (like Shinya, Miishima and Iwai) to get benefits, go to school to increase social statistics, explore places or make a run to the palace, defeat the shadows and try to reach the boss.

If you want to print it, connect to following link. If you want to try it digitally, you can use it Tabletop simulator.