A new video of gameplay di Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has been released as part of the cover this month of Game Informer dedicated to the title From Software.

The video shows a game section set inside the Hirata Estates and it's a part of one flashback sequence. During these phases of play, set in the past, players can learn more about the protagonist, Sekiro, and deepen his relationship with another character known as "the young lord".

The presence of flashback it is a rather relevant novelty, from the point of view of the narrative structure, compared to the most recent titles From Software.

even the gameplay seems to detach rather sharply from Souls, given the addition of vertical movement options such as the grappling hook and the possibility of carrying out stealth killings. Moreover, Sekiro can also swim!

We leave you to the video in question and we remind you that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will come out for PC, PS4 ed Xbox One il March 22 2019.