Aired in Las Vegas from 8 to January 11, the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has now become a reference point also for videogaming. Among the latest-generation accessories and new ultra-high-performance laptops, those who did talk about if it is certainly the HTC with the launch of many new features. Let's see them one by one.

Lives Pro Eye

HTC begins its conference at CES presenting the new VR Vive Pro Eye viewer, evolution of the well known Vive Pro, which integrates the latter with native eye-tracking. The intent is to "guarantee greater accessibility through menu navigation through the gaze", thus removing the need for external controllers.
As stated by HTC, the use of this viewer is more oriented towards the business side than the gaming side. One of the uses could be, for example, to create more realistic and effective work simulations.

Viveport Infinity

Also in this case HTC aims at the "restyling" of an existing service, the Viveport. Nicknamed the "Netflix of virtual reality", Viveport Infinty will grant access to the entire Viveport software catalog against a monthly fee.
Outgoing the 5 April, nothing has been declared for what concerns the price.

Vive Reality System

Thanks to the Vive Reality System, holders of a VIVE viewer can connect to each other in a virtual environment in which to share videos, music, socialize. If the comparison with Netflix was born with Viveport Infinity, the Vive Reality System can not help but remind us of the PlayStation Home.

Vive Cosmos

Finally, we arrive at the icing on the cake of the HTC conference at CES: the Vive Cosmos!
The goal of the new HTC viewer will be to guarantee "Absolute comfort and greater ease of configuration".
Also according to HTC, the Cosmos will guarantee the Vive experience without using external tracking devices and, above all, it will be usable both at home and outside.
Unfortunately this is all we know today, as neither a launch date nor cost has been confirmed.