Once upon a time there were the dear old ones demo: some promotional CDs to go and pick up in the most different ways to preview a game before buying it.

Nowadays, between game trailers, video gameplay, previews and official videos we buy a game almost knowing it already, but it is also true that often everything could be mounted to art and the actual game could be different. Danger that we probably will not run with Anthem since the 1 February (from the 25 January for those who have preordered and the users EA / Origin Access) will be available just a game demo.

This was done by BioWare in respect of the players, as you can guess from the words of Michael Gamble, Anthem executive producer:

Some people have asked me why we are preparing an open demo of Anthem. Here's why: you earn hard money. Games are an investment. We think it is therefore right that you can try them before buying them. The whole campaign was based on transparency, we believe that Anthem is nice to see but AWESOME to play.

Anthem from the beginning it seemed a great game at the end of the month we will have the confirmation or, let's hope not, the denial. It's still nice to know that there are still those who believe the important demos, giving players the opportunity to try a game before having to buy it.