Rockstar Games he did not even take the time to enjoy the various prizes Game of the Year dedicated to Red Dead Redemption 2 which is already beginning to move towards new horizons of videogames.

The various Rockstar studios around the world are always looking for new staff to advance their technical abilities, particularly as regards facial animation and motion capture, which is proving increasingly crucial for the photorealistic animation that Rockstar is looking for in his games.

As noted by GearNuke, Rockstar New York is currently hiring a Technical Face developer and a developer of MoCap Tools for "future titles", while Rockstar Toronto is looking for a Senior Technical Artist to "improve the tracking of facial animation". Rockstar India is also advertising positions for a face animator and a MoCap animator.

Given the usual waiting times for the development of Rockstar games it is likely that these positions are for games on new generation consoles. We just have to wait.