Blizzard he has left all his fans and lovers of stunned again Overwatch, always showing itself very open on LGBT thinking. In these hours a new short story has been published that reveals the past of 76 soldier, one of the community favorite characters, revealing to the world that the latter he's gay.

In this story (which you can download from here) tells how Jack Morrison, the future 76 Soldier, had a romantic relationship with Vincent, but he later married another person abandoning Jack.

After Tracer's homosexuality, therefore, we also discover that of Soldier 76. If the thing did not please some, with many discussions born on the web and on Blizzard forum, there are many who are appreciating the opening of the software house to these discourses that, in some parts of the world, are still a taboo.

The same Head Writer of the game, Michael Chu, thanked all the fans for the appreciation of the story and for having "accepted" the relationship between Jack and Vincent.

In short, homosexual or not, 76 soldier remains one of our favorite characters, as it should be.