Last year, Bethesda has filed a lawsuit against the Warner Bros. Entertainment because of the game Westworld Mobile, with Bethesda accusing Warner Bros. of having created a game all too similar to Fallout Shelter. Behavior Interactive, developer of both games, was also nominated within the lawsuit. Now, Bethesda announced that the cause was resolved amicably Between the parts.

In a note from Bethesda, a peaceful resolution between her and Behavior is indicated. Even if it has not been nominated directly, Warner Bros. Entertainment is also likely to be included in this resolution.

According to the company, Westworld Mobile was reusing the Fallout Shelter code for the creation of which, of course, some money had been paid out. To illustrate this example, Bethesda pointed out that a technical problem solved in Fallout Shelter was reproducible in exactly the same way in Westworld Mobile.

While none of the parties has indicated what the resolution implies, it is likely that Bethesda has received monetary compensation.