The registration of the domain had almost spoiled, but now we have the official: Person 5 R exists and has been announced with a teaser trailer da Atlus same.

At the moment there is no information and these are all postponed to March 2019: the only thing we can notice is the PlayStation 4 logo which is seen at the beginning of video, which suggests that the game can be a Sony exclusive.

Doubts aside about what this title could be - some hypothesize a racing game with the R, others a definitive version even though it already exists - the real disappointment is for Nintendo Switch users, which after the introduction of Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the different rumors that wanted Persona 5 to land on the Japanese hybrid, have seen their console excluded.

Indeed, however, there is another registered domain that corresponds to "Person 5 S ", and it is the latter that could refer to the Nintendo Switch version.

At the moment it is all we know, we will know the truth only to March 2019, when Atlus will reveal to the world what this really is Person 5 R.