The 2018 is about to end and for Game Freak, thanks to the recent Let's Go Pokémon, Pikachu! and Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee !, was definitely a profitable year.

The two games have indeed been a huge success that has also driven sales of Nintendo Switch, but despite what the fans of the brand are waiting for is the real new chapter in the series that should arrive in the 2019. In this regard Game Freak, in wishing a happy new year to his fans, began to make everyone dream, stating that "the 2019 will be a surprising year". We do not know what the software is actually referring to, even if the chances are that we are talking about the new Pokemon they are very tall.

Game Freak, however, is also working on a new RPG, announced during the E3 2018, tentatively called "Town". Waiting for more news, we can not begin to dream as it will be this new Pokémon, hoping that the surprises are really great and above all positive.