It's been just twenty-one days since PlayStation Classic, the Sony console that collects twenty more or less famous titles of the glorious first home console of the Japanese company, has arrived on the market, and yet on Amazon USA the list price has already been lowered of well 30 dollars, going from the official 99,99 to the 69,95 dollars.

Accomplices of this lowering are certainly the poor sales: in Japan, for example, the device has placed only 120.000 units, a third of what was done by SNES Mini over the same period of time.

Probably the choice of the software park, immediately criticized, and the use of an excellent emulator (albeit open source and freely downloadable from the Internet) but deprived of all the additional options that made the emulation and the pleasant experience, have contributed all 'failure of this console.

We'll see if it will be the same in the future Sony to formalize a price reduction; in any case the first mini console experiment with PlayStation Classic It went wrong.