We have been talking for so long about Beyond Good & Evil 2, the ambitious project of Ubisoft and sequel (actually prequel) of the first chapter released in the distant 2003. We know very little about the game, with some pre-alpha videos showing splashes of gameplay, but far from what will be the game in the final version, at least according to the words of the developers.

The French software house also wanted to talk about the game during a live stream, stating that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will constantly require an internet connection.

This would be necessary for the structure of the game itself, for how it was designed and for the very many co-op activities, although these are not mandatory:

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is an online multiplayer game with a rich co-op experience. This is why the game will only be usable with an internet connection to have unlimited browsing, receive dynamic updates and play with friends. In any case, playing in co-op or not is a decision that is up to the player, obviously it will also be possible to play solo.

The naked and raw single player will not be affected, but in any case the internet connection will be necessary, which could not please all those who wait Beyond Good & Evil 2 for many years.