I will be sincere: The Quiet Man was (and still is) one of the "niche" titles that I followed with more interest and hype in this 2018. Developed by Square Enix and the November 1 came out, even though I bought it, I still could not play it. Many other users and press officers have managed to do so, reporting far from positive judgments. Metacritic, eg, elected him "Worst game of the year", placing it in front of "masterpieces" like Gene Rain and Agony. Square Enix, however, does not break down and, as in every Pokémon battle when there is nothing left to do, he understands that it is time to self-destruct. In the Nintendo title you can hope to take out your opponent too, in reality you can hope to "save face" with a little self-criticism and self-irony. Self-irony that at the Square Enix came very well. In fact, a video was published on the official Youtube channel containing all the worst critiques addressed to The Quiet Man, that are of the press or of individual users. Do you know the video presentation and advertising showing the great votes and the beautiful words of videogames and not? Here, the exact opposite.