At Christmas it's time for presents and Sony wanted to pay homage to US users with a free theme from the festive colors to download on your own PlayStation 4. A welcome gift, which would however hide a small Easter egg - or perhaps it would be better to say a Christmas egg - that would "announce" the existence of PlayStation 5.

Not that the next Sony console will need confirmation, since the Japanese company has been working on the next gen that should be presented in the 2019, but a clue that teases their fans it's something that always makes you excited.

As you can see from the images contained in this tweet, we have two words: "PlayStation"And"Holidays", Both containing the letter"S". The font used for the two words is the same, but the "S" contained in "PlayStation" is very different from that with which "Holidays" ends, resembling in all respects to the number 5.

A little clue that makes fans dream of waiting for the real announcement of the next Sony console with trepidation: PlayStation 5, although not yet announced, is ever closer.