We do not often talk about the next Microsoft console, currently known as Xbox Scarlett, and indeed the information on this is really very few if not null. However, as often happens, we have different corridor entries that hypothesize specific techniques, features and components, and many of these have been collected from the site. Windows Central that today offers us many ideas on which to fantasize.

The new Microsoft console should indeed arrive in the 2020 and perhaps it would be better to speak in the plural: in fact Scarlett would be available in two versions, a cheaper one (codename "Lockhart") And the other (codename"Anaconda") That points to the top, with an obviously higher price. The first, in fact, would be the heir to the Xbox One S, while the second direct the next Xbox One X, which will allow better performance and will have more features, with perhaps an SSD instead of the mechanical disk.

Beyond that, Microsoft would be developing a specific OS, Windows Core OS, all focused on video games: this will also allow you to run the titles in perfect way on PCs equipped with Windows 10, both on consoles. This will also help the developers, who will be working on it a unique platform called Game Core that will expand what we have today with the Universal Windows Platform.

Finally, very important will also be xCloud, the project that allows you to play your own titles on any compatible device, to be able to have their favorite games anywhere thanks to Android.

Lots of information, obviously unofficial, that make Scarlett really interesting; who knows when Microsoft he will decide to reveal his - or his - new console to the world.