La Virtual Console, starting from Wii, has allowed millions of players to put their hands (virtually, in fact) on many classic softeca NES, SNES e N64, then continued on Nintendo Wii U.

The arrival of Switch has changed a bit 'the cards on the table: we do not have a real Virtual Console but the Nintendo Switch Online, a subscription service that allows you to play different NES games, with a catalog that is always updated. So, in order to play other titles or SNES games, you have to rely on the old consoles and Mini revisions, but a declaration of Reggie fils-aime he left some questions.

The president of Nintendo of America, in fact, announced that the company will no longer produce NES Mini and SNES Mini, And that there will not be any N64 Mini"the only way to play the old classics will be through the Nintendo Switch Online".

Currently this service is certainly not up to the Virtual Console, both for the number of games and because it includes only NES titles, while those SNES and N64 are excluded. Let these words indicate a future arrival also of titles released on the other consoles?