Being able to play multiplayer online multiplayer titles with anyone, regardless of console or platform. This is the dream of epic Games which he has already accomplished, in part, with his Fortnite.

The so-called cross-play in the future could expand more and more, making the choice of their favorite platform relegated to exclusive titles, thanks to a tool that Epic Games will make available to all developers:

Our goal is to help developers succeed. In 2019 we will launch a set of cross-platform services built for Fortnite and tested with the participation of 200 million players across seven platforms.

These services and tools will come distributed free for all studies and will be compatible with all engines, stores and consoles. Here are the expected features:

- Login, friends, presence, profile: expected between the second and third quarters of the 2019 on PC, during the 2019 on the other platforms.

- Overlay API on PC / Mac: will provide a user interface for login, friends list and other features.

- Cross-platform in-game communications: a communication service compatible with all the stores, to be able to chat with anyone. It will be distributed free of charge

- Cross-platform party and matchmaking: expected between the third and fourth quarter of the 2019 on all platforms.

- Data storage and cross-platform cloud rescues: expected in the second quarter of the 2019.

- Cross-platform goals and trophies: expected in the third quarter of 2019.

The future of online multiplayer will perhaps be less tied to the console on which it is played, all thanks to epic Games.