Let's start from a very important premise: who writes you right now is an extremely passionate (and competent) person of Red Dead Redemption and, consequently, of Red Dead Online. I just passed the liv. 50 and I know what I'm talking about. Do not get me wrong: I have no self-centered intentions. On the contrary I want to convince you of the fact that the lines that you will find below are the result of a real EMPIRICA research during hours and hours of play, attentive and assiduous. You will not find the usual four copy-copied things each other from standard guides already written and, however, not very detailed. What you read below is the result of real hard gaming, with the intent to help you (really) in every aspect of the beautiful and vast Red Dead Online. The guide will be certainly updated regularly, also based on the updates that will be inserted during construction. The order of the arguments will be basically spread: I will start with the stats and the main missions and then go into the remaining aspects. Enjoy the reading!

Creation of the character, statistics and main missions

If you have not yet entered the world of Red Dead Online, the first thing you will have to do is create your avatar. Modify your appearance as you prefer, but remember: your appearance will be permanent. In game you can only change styles of beard and hair, then eye cheekbones, eyes, features and so on. The only way you can change your appearance will be to create another character, losing all previous progress.
After creating your avatar you will have to decide where to assign 2 bonus points between basic statistics: Health, Resistance, Dead Eye. Do not even put one on Resistance: it is the easiest statistic to farm (just like in single player) as you just run or jump to upgrade it, actions that you will inevitably play. If you're good at firing, put both points on Health. The experience for the Dead Eye, in fact, is acquired mainly by doing headshot; the Health experience, on the other hand, increases with kills or with tomahawks and bow, "rare" and consequently difficult killings. If you are scarcely aiming, put 1 point to Health and one to Dead Eye but, again, NO STARTING POINT ON RESISTANCE.

Once you've created the character and assigned the 2 bonus points, start and finish ALL THE MAIN MISSIONS. Try not to be taken by anything else, in a few hours you will have finished and you will have secured gold, money and experience. During the first missions you will have to make choices that will influence your level of Honor, Honor which in turn will influence the finals of History. Do not worry: they will still be playable either, just change your level of honor once you have completed one of the two. What I advise you then is to first unlock the honorable ending (making honorable choices in previous missions), then making criminals around, becoming dishonorable and being able to unlock the two missing final missions. This is because, at stake, it is much easier to lose honor than to acquire it. The choices present in the missions, on the other hand, will allow you to acquire a considerable boost both in the case of honorable choices, or in the opposite case. Create your character, put the 2 bonus points and immediately make ALL the missions of history. Now you are ready to get into the heart of Red Dead Online.

What is the use of the Dead Eye in Red Dead Online?

I know that many people have asked themselves this question. Although RDO is deprived of slow-motion, the Dead Eye remains extremely useful in some circumstances.
First the Dead Eye will have a different effect depending on the Skill card you choose to use: immediately discard "Bocche di Fuoco", "Marchiato a Morte" and "Musa Inspiratrice". Then consider the remaining three and go to taste. They are all very situational skills, it is difficult to say with certainty what could be the best.
In addition to the Skill card, you will use the Dead Eye on two specific occasions: to shoot more effectively with the shotgun (improved range and damage); to stabilize the target when, in the case of gun-fight, you have been hit and you can no longer hold the viewfinder. If you are good headhunters, you will see that in the long distance fights this use will radically change your life.

Skill Set: which is the best?

The Skill Set consists of 4 slots: 1 reserved for Dead Eye and 3 Abilities reserved for Passive Skills. The cards and therefore the skills to choose from are 20 in total: what is the best combination then? Of these 20, most are to be discarded a priori given the effects that are objectively not very useful. In addition to those already mentioned in the Dead Eye paragraph, forget about the passive "In perfect shape", "The gift of concentration", "Alternative medicine", "Single Objective", "Proven Reanimator", "born to fight", "in cover "," horseman "," of necessity virtue "," patience of landon "," short throw "," positive series ". Taking into consideration the few remaining and the utility in PvP, personally the best skill set is represented by: Dead Eye = Slow and Constant, Passive 1 = Cold Blood, Passive 2 = Eye for Eye, Passive 3 = Watchful Eye. If you prefer, replace a passive at your leisure with "Death Proof". The underlying concept is clear: you do not need to boost the damage or stink like that. You must a priori destroy people with headshot, more damage or defense behind hiding places you do not care. Unless you're going to campervate, but I'd say that's not the case. Many of the Ability Cards mentioned above will unlock them by leveling up, paying 50 dollars one to the first level, 350 to the second and 500 to the third. So wait for the ones you are interested in and put the money aside: it is useless to enhance random skills that you will not use anymore.

Which weapons to use

As for the Skill Set, my intent is to make you war machines and aim only at the maximum. In the choice of weapons to use, your only parameter is the accuracy, which is the speed with which the viewfinder closes to ensure perfect shots. At the same precision, it is then passed at a rate of fire and recharge speed. According to these characteristics, the currently OP rifle is without a doubt the Varmint. Available from the first levels and at the paltry cost of SEVENTH dollars, the Varmint is certainly the strongest weapon in the game. It has only one defect: you are forced to make headshot. At the beginning for many of you it can be frustrating, but I assure you: it is the best way to train yourself and take away a lot of satisfactions over time. As for the guns, the Semiautomatica is certainly the most reliable. Leave the Mauser alone. Obtain a Varmint and a Semi-automatic Pistol and you will be affixed until liv. 100.

Series of Accounting and PvP

In Red Dead Online, the Series of Accounts includes various PvP modes. From the very common "Shooting between teams" to the particular (and boring) "No waste". Here are the few tips that I hope will be useful for each mode.

Hunting for man: when you spawn, do not run straight forward like crazy and aimless bots. Look around, often back, staying mainly in the spawn area and sniping those born nearby. Needless to throw blindly in pursuit of the player from more points on the map: just die. Password: patience. And headshot, of course.
Weapon of choice, both in teams and in single: even in this case, always look back to avoid getting a tomahawk behind your back. Use it in turn if you can, but the 3 points guaranteed by the shotgun makes it the ideal weapon. To use it better, I recommend, use the Dead Eye as already mentioned: it will guarantee you a better range and damage. Not only: watch the train when it arrives. In its vicinity spawna an arc (which almost all snubbed) that guarantees you well 9 points to kill. Also, when you can, try to replace the shotgun with a shotgun that easily appears around the map.
No waste: there is nothing to say. If you are willing to skipparla as much as possible, choose "Serie di Rese dei grandi".

How to expare quickly

If you love PvE, the missions of the Unknowns guarantee you a good time / entertainment / exp. Of course you'll have to do them at least with a friend: the chances of the other players bothering you are high.
Whether you like it or not PvP, the series of Accounts remains the fastest way to expare quickly. Each kill earns between 10 and 20 exp (depending on the mode), plus 5 exp bonus for headshot, distance killing, dead eye killing, body killing, etc. Not counting the match bonus which, depending on the of the modality and of the result, it is of minimum 250 exp, up to a max of about 500.
Another fruitful method is to complete the Rewards (Challenges). Some, after completing them, can be reset to repeat them, guaranteeing again their exp. I have drawn up a list of the simplest and most immediate ones for you:
"Maximize the level of Honor" "Bring to a minimum the level of Honor" "Kill 1000 enemies" "Taste 20 plants" "Kill 1 bird in flight with an arrow" "Complete 10 Free Roam missions" "Reach the maximum bond with the horse "" Kill 1000 animals "" Sell something to three types of different shops (receivers, butcher and doctor) "" Visit 50 shops "" Sell 100 plants to the doctor "

How to earn gold and money quickly

I will not be here to list bugs or strategisms of any kind. The password in this case is, as for the exp, PLAY. Here are some guidelines to make money in Read Dead Online without wasting precious time.
If you get along, the best method is PvP. At the end of the game, if you win, you could also win 27 dollaroni (Hunting for Man). Moreover, the rapid succession between one game and another avoids waste of time.
If you love Free Roam, the Unknowns are a good compromise, although sometimes the distance to reach them could be a lot. There is also to say that it is the only activity, for now, able to get even 0.12 of gold. Always talking about gold, completing the challenges listed in the previous paragraph allows you to earn a share. Also remember that every 5 liv. you will have a treasure map available to be collected at the post office. Open it and go look for the loot. It seems trivial but I want to reiterate it: buy only what is strictly necessary, at least at the beginning. Do you want to dress well? I understand it, but you do not buy three hundred thousand dresses that you will never wear. Go without fail.
Then there is the chapter concerning HUNTING. I tell you clearly: it is not as advantageous as it seems, also because the only activity not to guarantee gold. Making backwards to bring back a maximum of three carcasses does not become so convenient, especially when you do not have the weapons to make perfect kills. Fortunately, however, we have the Varmint that comes back to give us a hand. The Varmint is the perfect weapon to kill a large number of small animals (snakes, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, small birds, raccoons, etc.) guaranteeing a carcass at least "good". Not only. The small animals are perfect to overcome the problem of going back and forth: you can put them directly into the pocket, giving you the opportunity to continue hunting without interruption. The same reasoning applies to fishing, which becomes interesting as it can "store" a good quantity of fish before selling them.

Free Roam Guide to Cots

The dens are another activity present in Red Dead Online, useful for breaking the rhythms and having some fun. They also guarantee a good amount of exp. Being so many and constantly updated, I decided to make a separate article that you can change daily. As soon as it is ready, I will put the reinstatement on the article here.