Capcom is introducing a new element within Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The publisher has announced that it will add optional "sponsored content" to the game from December 11 in the form of advertisements, starting with the sponsorship of the Capcom Pro Tour.

Ads will appear in "different locations", including loading screens, tournament stages and even the characters themselves. Specifically, the characters will now have a new option that will show the sponsored content on clothing or on the model of the character.

The important thing is that these ads are completely optional. If you decide to view the ads, you will be rewarded with additional Fight Money (the currency of the game) during the classified and casual games. However, it should be emphasized that the functionality of the sponsored content, at the time of publication, will be active by default and, in case you want to deactivate it, you will need to go into the settings. Below you can see two pictures of how the ads will be.

In short, we are one step away from the games for phones, with advertisements that give away gems or other.