Valve wants to antagonize the internet. After the shareable measures taken against the troll games, now Steam is banning some titles that have as common point to have erotic content with characters apparently minors.

In fact, some developers have seen their games removed from the store and the motivation is linked to the nature of the content of these games, combined with the child exploitation or even to the pedophilia. What is more being targeted by Valve are those games that have the so-called inside them loli, innocent and childish-looking characters who are often represented as high school students.

in perfect Steam weeks have been banned many visual novels, including Cross Love, Hello Goodbye, Imolicious e MaoMao Discovery Team and the motivation, as stated by the developers themselves, is always the same: issues of child exploitation.

Valve did not really clarify why these games were banned, but it is possible to rejoin the common points that have these titles to get a general idea: all are set in a high school and they have elements for adults which, however, are lived by characters that look very young. The developers, on this last point, wanted to clarify that the fact of looking young does not imply that they are, since to avoid misunderstandings have been included several "clues" that make people understand the age of the characters, as scenes in which are read manga or books expressly 18 +.

Yet it seems not to be enough: Valve is not responding to requests for clarification from the developers and then, at least at the time, it seems that the erotic content with characters with a childlike appearance are no longer welcome Steam.