It really happened. In Ireland, a senior director of EA was fired for having said, we quote textually, not wanting to "take out the pisell * and put it on the table to see who has the biggest". The victim, Philippe Grenet, has been framed by the spying of the person with whom he interacts, a woman (infamous) whose name we do not know. The latter, strongly indignant, ended the conversation immediately reported the fact, leading to the establishment of the Grenet.

Grenet, before the court, defended himself by saying that his statement did not want to show the intention of wanting to "compare the length of his penis", but "not wanting to start a competition" with the person to whom he referred. Which is then the universal meaning of that way of speaking.
Not only (and here comes the beauty). Philippe also claims that the colleague he was talking to is certainly moved by bad faith, having applied (losing) for the position he currently holds. "He always showed a negative attitude and belittled my role as his manager".

EA's attorney declares that, having the Grenet admitted the fact, it is the company's right to terminate its contract. Evidently, however, the court thinks otherwise, preventing it EA to appoint someone else to the former role of Grenet until the matter is resolved, with the case going on next week. How will it end ?!