After the announcement occurred during i The Game Awards 2018, the first gameplay video of the new role-playing game, developed by the Obsidian Entertainment, The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds was created under the guidance of the authors of the first two, classics, Fallout. The title looks like a real spiritual following of the much appreciated Fallout: New Vegas (developed in 2010 by the same Obsidian) in a more sci-fi and ironic sauce.

The video above shows some stages of play characterized by:

  • Multiple choice dialogues, with different options depending on the character's abilities. Return the possibility of interpreting a "stupid" character in conversations.
  • Companion system, which seem to interact more actively in some conversations.
  • Fear system: during the game we can choose to suffer malus due to some phobias (rats, or fire, etc ...) that will be, however, counterbalanced by some passive bonuses.
  • Combat system with both firearms and white weapons.
  • Slow motion inside the fights, which will allow to manage the chaos of the clashes more tactically.
  • Multiple solutions to the problems presented: we can use diplomacy, deception, or violence, depending on our preferred approach.

The release date of The Outer Worlds has not yet been set, but the arrival of the title is expected for the 2019 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.