Period enlivened for Capcom, especially for its development teams that apparently have been dealing with great games in recent times. In a recent interview issued to Famitsu, the company's senior producer Jun Takeuchi has indeed stated that the number of developers is increasing more and more that if the trend will continue like this, they will soon be able to develop four triple A games at the same time.

Speaking of this, Takeuchi then wanted to light a small fuse, starting to make all the fans of Capcom and its IPs dream:

We are currently working on a game that will leave our fans amazed.

Removed the already announced and expected Resident Evil 2 Remake (coming out in January 2019) e Devil May Cry 5 (due out in March 2019), we will then have a potential new big game. That the Game Awards of this night will already be the ideal stage on which the new project will be presented Capcom?