epic Games it is literally on top of the world thanks to the success of Fortnite but the company has even bigger plans for the 2019. He announced the launch of a new digital games store to compete with Steam e GOG .

The Epic Games Store will not only sell games built using the Unreal Engine, the company's proprietary engine, but will also allow the use of other engines, such as Unitya.

Talking with GamesIndustry.biz, the CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, also talked about the profit shares for developers, equal to 88%. A larger share than the 70 / 30 division offered by Valve's Steam platform.

In an effort to make the store even more appealing to developers and content creators, Epic will also implement a "Support-A-Creator" program that aims to bring together influencers and marketers. Here are Sweeney's words:

Previously, most creators were not compensated by game developers for their work and had to rely on donations. By pairing creators with developers, the Epic Games Store makes it easier for players to discover games and rewards content creators for their efforts.