Fortnite, willy-nilly, is one of the most famous games in the world, with millions of players and records for epic Games, who found his hen laid golden eggs. With this game he made his fortune too Ninja, the most famous streamer and youtuber about the game - so much to become official face - that expressed about the choice made by some parents.

Many childrenIn fact, they have a real addiction to the game, coming to play up to 12 hours a day, which led to an incredible increase in parents who choose to bring their children in detoxification centers that can help them gradually decrease the time spent on this activity.

The youtuber, however, has criticized these parents, blaming them for this addiction of children rather than Fortnite. Ninja has indeed stated that if these children have been able to play so many hours a day, giving less importance to study and social life, it is because the parents did not give them time, too busy by work or other business, intervening with prohibitions and sessions by psychologists when there was still time.

A delicate question, on which Ninja he probably puts his mouth because "representative" of the game Epic Games, but certainly we can not say that the streamer is fundamentally not right.