Blizzard has always been a software much loved by gamers, especially by his fans, but lately some choices are making a lot of discussion, including the announcement of Diablo Immortal. It would seem that even within the same software house there is more than a few discontent and this would result from a mismanagement of Activision.

According to some testimonies collected anonymously from Kotaku, the two companies initially - despite the merger - they have always remained fairly independent, but after the acquisition by Vivendi and the inclusion of Call of Duty in the, things would have changed.

Specifically, on Kotaku we talk about a change of chief financial officer in Blizzard, with the latter that would have implemented a new action plan that provides cost cuts and less investments. Precisely on this last point one of the testimonies made would read that "the 2018 was the first year in which we have heard of the priority given to cutting costs rather than investments", With more attention to the cost reduction and maximization of earnings.

All this can not be confirmed with absolute certainty, but if things should really be as told, maybe this is just the beginning of the "missteps" of Blizzard. We sincerely hope that this is not the case.