At his debut in the 2015. Until Dawn it was immediately established as one of the best exclusive PlayStation in recent years, especially in the horror genre. Since then, although the creators have been active on other fronts, there has been no news on a possible continuation of the story; just the work of Supermassive Games on The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan seemed to suggest that he did not boil another in the pot, at least for now. But recently, Pete Samuels, the executive director of the software house, said that on the construction site there are already titles designed as exclusive for the PlayStation.

This list does not fall Man of Medan, which is thought of as a multiplatform to ensure maximum dissemination. We do not know what is on the list of exclusives, but Samuels has confirmed that contains several names, so it seems likely that at least one of these is Until Dawn 2. Of course, there is no way to know for sure, especially in light of the determination of Supermassive Games to explore new creative directions; in addition, even assuming the presence of Until Dawn 2 in this list, it is difficult to imagine a debut before a long wait. All that remains is to wait for more news from Supermassive Games or Sony.