Nintendo It is synonymous with video games and entertainment, but it is not always all about roses and flowers. In these days it has been published a video in which the president of the Russian division is shown, Yasha Haddaji, mistreat your employees during a live stream of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Obviously the video has fueled the indignation of all the Russian players, who do not identify the company in certain behaviors, asking for their immediate resignation. The mistreatment, which according to the testimonies last for years and they would not be limited to words alone, are witnessed by many employees of Nintendo Russia who have also had the courage not to remain anonymous, which should ensure the veracity of the facts.

The testimonies, published by the journalist Denis Maiorov, they describe a malign and unconventional person: Haddaji would in fact constantly insult his employees by giving them the "retarded", offending them for anything and then threatening to fire them.

An attitude certainly not human nor professional on which Nintendo can not pretend anything.