In the modern videogame world we are now accustomed to DLC, updates and patches, even to the day one of the same games. This is what will also happen with Fallout 76, the new title of Bethesda outgoing the 14 November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

La news but it is not in the presence of the patch to the day one, which is now "normal", but in the weight of the same: well 54 GB to download; a thick patch, which goes even to overcome the weight of the basic game which stops at 45 GB.

Given the weight so high, we will definitely have a huge changelog with lots of bugfixes, optimizations and improvements to the graphic sector, but we must admit, however, that having such a large patch, which actually exceeds the weight of the game itself, suggests the way of operating software houses.

If you thought then to enter your copy and immediately play a Fallout 76, you will have to review your plans.