Only ten days left for the global debut of Battlefield V, which had been recently postponed following feedback received during thealpha closed,E3 and Gamescom. With the allegedly made case modifications and revised flaws, it really is everything is ready for the new awaited chapter of the franchise; so ready, in fact, that the players enrolled in the Origin Premiere Access service they can already play to EA's shooter. For all the others, the official launch trailer of the game will be deceiving the remaining ten days.

In the trailer there is not much new in terms of gameplay, it is mostly a rundown of the content already announced so far, both for multiplayer and for the episodic campaign which will constitute the single player, allowing us to visit the many fronts in which the Second World War was fought. At the release of the trailer, EA also confirmed that, in addition to the innovations already introduced in the game to distinguish it from its predecessors, Battlefield V will also have a lot extra free content after the launch. We really have to wait, so we can judge ourselves if the return to the origins of Battlefield was successful or not.

Battlefield V November 20 will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.